SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Core

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SQL Server Enterprise delivers comprehensive datacenter capabilities for mission-critical database, business intelligence, and advanced analytics workloads. Core Model License: When licensing your Server with SQL Cores, all cores in the Server must be licensed with the minimum being (4) Cores. For Example, if you have 8 Cores in your Server, all (8) Cores must be licensed. If you have (2) cores in your Server, you have to license (4) Cores due to Microsoft’s minimum requirement. If you have a web facing application or are unable to count the number of users in your machine, you have to license with the Core model. If the Server is licensed with Cores, you do not need a User or Device CAL. This means, once the Server is fully licensed with the Core model, unlimited users may access the Server.

License & Delivery: This is the Full version with Worldwide Lifetime License. You’ll receive the download instructions in 10 minutes after order by email (check also your Bulk folder). You can always re-install or transfer to another PC.

Language Options: English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portugal, Russian, Spanish